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We are now sponsoring streamers!

Discussion in 'Blog' started by Darigaz, Sep 4, 2014.

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    Over the past few months Altgg has grown a lot. But looking to the future, we want to offer something that can really make a difference for gamers beyond our message boards. The growth of has been obvious for quite some time now, and has proven to be a great platform for gamers. But there sees to be a wide gap between small streamers and large streamers, one that is hard for the small guy to overcome. Even with a great overlay, decent social presence, and a killer personality, the Twitch environment can often seem monopolized by the already established streamer. This has resulted in small streamer resorting to viewer bots and other technique which are against Twitch policies, and often get a streamers account banned. So how can we work to help new streams organically grow while still enjoying the established ones?

    Today we have an answer: The Altgg Sponsorship Program. By offering incentive to medium to large streamers, we can trickle that traffic down to other streamers. But how can we offer such incentive? Simple.

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    By giving our stream network members a percentage of the ad revenue our website generates, we can guarantee revenue growth for those members on a trackable basis. As more people go to a members stream page to watch them play, that streamer gets paid more.

    For streamers of any size, joining our network and beginning to see ad revenue is easy. First you register on our forum, then fill out our stream application via the streams page. Once accepted, you will be given an Altgg stream page which you can promote to viewers. We run advertisements on your stream page which do not interfere with your Twitch ads, and we pay you for that ad revenue at a competitive CPM rate. Through your dashboard you will be able to track your earnings, access your stream page link, and a variety of tools for promoting your Altgg page. If you are under 300 concurrent viewers, you will need to meet a ad revenue benchmark of $25.00 before you qualify for payouts. If you qualify, we have you agree to an NDA before any payouts or details about CPM rates can be released. If you do not qualify, you can still use our network to promote yourself until you reach the benchmark, and stay involved to support the network.
    Have questions? Feel free to PM us on Facebook. Better yet, go ahead and Sign Up Here.
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