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Team 8 - A Story Of Passion And Perseverance - Altgg Feature

Discussion in 'Blog' started by Darigaz, Aug 20, 2014.

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    I remember having a chat with Slooshi8 about 8 months ago, asking if he knew of anyone who was forming a competitive League of Legends team. We were forming a new community project designed to bring gamers together and help streamers network with each other and grow. While the concept was still in its youth, we were already looking for a League of Legends team that might help us connect more with the eSports scene. To my surprise, Slooshi mentioned that he was forming a new team with a few other players. Upon further discussion, it became clear that our goals and ambitions were in line, and a new partnership came to be born. The team was trying to decide on a name, and eventually decided on "Team 8". Turn it on its side, you get infinity. Throw it in a martial art, and you have some pretty cool moves with nunchaku. Use it on paper, and you never have to lift your pen. What number could be more cool?

    We had high hopes moving into January. Chu8 was a lively presence in the midland, Slooshi was hacking away at ADC, and the top laner at the time (Yungricherich) was looking to be a power house. The Coke Zero tournament was just around the corner, and although the team was pitted against the hyped LMQ in the 2nd round, we all believed in the players and their prowess in the game. But much to our dismay, Yungrichierich jumped ship from the team the evening before the teams match vs. vVv in the 1st round, and Team 8 was forced to forfeit.

    Things seemed gloomy for Team 8. Rumors circulated that they may disband, and morale on the team was at a low just weeks after the team had moved in together into a new team house and committed themselves to their dreams. But the team pulled their head up, and the loss of Yungricherich turned out to be a huge blessing in disguise. It lead to the recruitment of one of the most talented top laners in Challenger, if not the game. That, of course, is Californiatrlolz, who is now known for his exemplary and aggressive play style. This combined with Slooshi moving to Chu8's position (and Chu8 becoming a sub) made room for the secret ingredient: FromLOMOStreet (a.k.a. Frommaplestreet), formerly of Velocity, coming in to take over in the ADC role.

    Once again, things seemed to be looking up, and the team still had another chance to qualify for the LCS through Coke Zero's second play-in tournament. With a newfound energy, the team prepared for their upcoming match vs. LMQ. To many viewers surprise, the team steamrolled the first game, showing the Challenger scene just how much Team 8 deserves to be a top contender in North America. But a few close games later, Team 8's dreams were dashed with LMQ taking the overall victory. This ominous tweet from @TeamEightx was soon to follow:
    It looked like Team 8 was destined to disband. Guess8 had to abandon his pro gaming dreams for the sake of school, and a new jungler slot was now waiting to be filled. All seemed lost, and indeed, the star seemed to have burned out. But the greatest warriors are those who push forward through despair and challenge. Erick "M55k" Ma stepped up to manage the team, and PorpoisePops joined the team to fill the jungler role. The fresh blood sure did the trick, and by May the team claimed victory in The Lone Star Clash, the largest title for the team to date.

    Team 8 went on to win a whole slew of victories in the Challenger scene, and forged their way to becoming one of the top teams outside the LCS. During this time, Altgg was in the background, slowly preparing for our launch into Beta as we worked on programming and dealt with a few webmastering issues. We had a while of inactivity, but still watched as Team 8 rose through the ranks, and took inspiration through their perseverance and decided to follow their lead and keep pushing forward. Today, we are happy to say that our programming is nearly completely finished, and we are ready to announce our Stream Network to the broader community (announcement coming soon)! In the meantime, Team 8 will be having some of the most important matches of their gaming careers starting Thursday, August 21st. The team will be fighting in the Summer playoffs for a chance into the LCS, and they could use your support more now than ever. We will be featuring the matches here on the Altgg website, and hope that you will join us in watching. To view the full schedule and further details, click here.

    While you wait for the matches with baited breath, feel free to check out some of this cool Team 8 Media...

    Slooshi and Dodo with a sushi boat...

    FromMapleStreet (a.k.a. FromLOMOStreet) with one of his infamous hats...

    On the battlefield (Check out the cool @GAMDIAS shirts!)...

    A promotional poster before one of Team 8's victories...

    Where the magic happens...

    The team signing posters at Lone Star Clash...

    Some fan art from @GusIsCool...

    Maple talks about the team...

    Team 8 House Tour...

    Calitrlolz and his beastliness...

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    Cant wait to see them play more glad we are sponsoring them again!

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