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St. Cloud State University League of Legends Collegiate Tournament!

Discussion in 'Blog' started by Dexvin, Sep 25, 2014.

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    St. Cloud State University’s eSports Club Presents League of Legends Collegiate Tournament!

    Media Contact: Kevin Spande,

    We are pleased to announce the League of Legends Collegiate Tournament hosted by the St. Cloud State University’s eSports Club! This is a giant leap from the previous tournaments the club has hosted in the past. This events takes place over two days, November 8th and 9th, 2014.

    Our club has hosted smaller tournaments in the past, with 10 teams playing just from St. Cloud State alone. This year, we are branching out to expand the field to 24 teams, inviting college teams to participate from across Minnesota as well as other nearby states. With a $25 registration fee per team, it is an excellent chance for teams to compete in a competitive atmosphere to win prizes, equipment, and a chance to win numerous door prizes!

    After hosting multiple LANs and tournaments, we are confident we can open the tournament to more than just St. Cloud State teams. We have enough space in our conference rooms to adequately support every team and their equipment. With the potential to reach at least 120 college-aged students, it is an excellent opportunity for companies, local and national, to promote their products and services to this target market.

    We look forward to working with our sponsors and university administration to host a premiere E-Sports event here at St. Cloud State University. Anyone interested in getting involved as a sponsor should contact Any teams interested in participating in the tournament, please visit our webpage

    We look forward to a competitive and fun weekend here on the St. Cloud State University campus!
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