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LOL S4 Worlds Seeding Predictions: CHINA

Discussion in 'Blog' started by Saff, Jul 26, 2014.

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    OMG / WE / EDG (Dark Horse: RYL)
    Oh My God / World Elite / Edward Gaming / StarHorn Royal Club

    OMG are China's perennial champion as of late. The "forces of darkness" or the "evil empire" as some call them from within China's vast borders. Using a level of technique that was rare among clubs from the region, the cerebral juggernaut would eventually overtake a decaying World Elite roster with its high-level mechanical ability and outright aggression that makes other aggressive teams look timid. We have seen that aggression backfire, as it did against SKT1 in their group stage rematch during S3WC's round robin stages, but the battle tested unit was more than capable of taking down anyone with the exception of Royal Club who proved to be their kyrptonite time and again. After dabbling with Xiyang in mid for a time, they returned S3 MVP Cool to his mid lane role, where he has not quite achieved his former level of glory, though the talent is obviously still there. The only other major roster shuffle has come from switching Drug (formerly LoveLin) back into the jungle and dropping Pomelo from the roster, in the past the two players had shuffled back and forth between Jungle and Support, but with the team moving on to Cloud in the support role, it seems as though those shifts are over. This team is still mostly the same one that took China and the world by storm late last year.

    If you were looking for change, however, China's representative in the world finals last year would be a good place to start looking. After an ownership fallout, the StarHorn Royal Club has seen a major administrative overhaul and even experimented with Uzi in the mid lane for a time, which was a mistake and quickly rectified. Former mid laner Wh1t3z, and support star Tabe have retired, top laner GoDlike (Ackerman) changed his image and moved to NA with the rest of Royal's old sister team, LMQ. As with almost any team seeing massive changes from top to bottom, the organization struggled to find ground in the LPL. However recently the lineup, with an infusion of top Korean talent in inSec (jungler - KT Rolster Bullets) and Zero (Support - KT Rolster Arrows) along with Uzi's return to his natural ADC role along with solid play from top laner Yao and mid laner Nct, Royal looks primed to return to the world championships, though it remains to be seen if this relatively young roster can make an impact once it gets there, which is why I have them tabbed (Tabe'd?) as the most likely dark horse out of the region.

    World Elite is a team, like Royal, that saw massive overhauls with its star player(s) moving on from competitive play. Misaya for a team could have been considered the best player in the world in any role, his impact from the mid lane was feared. Losing a player of that caliber will always bring a team down, and sure enough World Elite has spent the last two LPL splits looking weak as star players fell from their peaks, and newer developing players developed in their places. Now World Elite is back in contention with OMG, to reclaim their title as the best team in all of China. Much like Royal Club, the team has taken advantage of the Korean influx to bolster its strength, with Jungler Sin and Mid laner Ninja both hailing from KR. Not much is known about Ninja but Sin was considered a potential talent for a time, and spent time bouncing around Korean teams AHQ (before it dissolved), both Jin Air teams, and finally filling a sub role for Najin Black Sword under the name ActScene. Make no mistake, though, the power of this roster still comes from the strength of its timeless top laner CaoMei and its legendary ADC, WeiXiao.

    Edward Gaming is an interesting case coming out of China. They have spent some time now preforming in a method that is nearly 180 degrees the opposite of their peers. Running slow methodical games (EDG has the longest game time of any Chinese team by a decent margin) they are often criticized of being hesitant to close out games, but one cannot argue with their ability to turn opponents aggression against them. A lot of their power comes from sheer experience with the roster essentially being a jumble of starting players from other top Chinese teams. FZZF was the support, and ClearLove the Jungler for Team World Elite for some time during their heyday. ADC Namei filled the same role for Positive Energy for some time, and while PE was never a top top team, they proved they could take games off anyone, and with a stronger roster Namei has blossomed into a very powerful yet volatile representative of his role that has single handedly carried this team to victory. Outside of China, not much is known of their top laner Koro1 or thier mid laner, who is simply identified by the letter U, but this roster has stood pat, entirely built on Chinese talent, and while they may not be the insanely aggressive Chinese team you would expect, they are strong, though not strong enough to beat a top Korean team I would gather, since they mostly prey on the strategic deficiencies of their nation-mates.
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