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Kabum! and Apple Pie

Discussion in 'Blog' started by Saff, Sep 29, 2014.

  1. Saff

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    The last days of groups C and D were amazing, OMG v Fnatic was as mind wrenching as it was exciting (those terrible map plays, tho) but Group D was insanely fun, especially on a last day where a pair of major upsets in Kabum defeating Alliance, and Cloud 9 overcoming Najin White Shield, propelled a second NA team into the round of 8. It sucks that TSM and C9 are facing off against White and Blue respectively, but having two teams make it this far is a huge step for a region that is normally described as being behind. If either team can take a game off of their opponent it would be huge, and honestly there is upside for C9 to take a game or possibly even two off of Blue with their use of efficient map rotations and early pressure to exploit Samsung Blue's notoriously weak early game, a major enough flaw to make even the best team in the world vulnerable.

    Congrats to all the teams in groups, and extra congrats to AHQ for nearly making it to the round of 8 as well as to Kabum for overcoming Europe's Alliance. Their performances should silence critics of both Southeast Asia and International Wildcard teams, as both improved as the stage went on. This worlds exposure was so important for them. It will be a long shot to see any western team advance farther than this, but know that they have already done NA proud, and if by some chance Blue or White go down, I'd root for Apple Pie all the way!

    Round of 8 Breakdown (* is favored team) Strong Upset Potential | Moderate Upset Potential

    TSM v SSW* | EDG* v SHRC | C9 v SSB* | OMG v NJWS*

    Diversification of Teams by Region

    KR - 3
    CH - 3
    NA - 2

    xPeke v Dade | TinOwns Aggression | Kabum def Alliance | C9 defeats NJWS
    OMG v Fnatic Crazy End | XWX proves his worth | ALL v NJWS Madness
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  2. Darigaz

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    Nice post. Moved to blog forum.

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