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Interview With CEO of Supa Hot Crew [SHC]

Discussion in 'Blog' started by Darigaz, Sep 9, 2014.

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    Supa Hot Crew started off in EU as a dark horse. But they fought their way into the LCS with some incredible play. While they originally failed in the first Season 4 Promotion Qualifiers, they didn't give up, and finally qualified in the second Season Qualifier against Dignitas EU. Later they were knocked out of the LCS by SK Gaming, and were forced to qualify again for the LCS with a victory over MYM. The teams most recent critical match was against Millennium, in a match that put them above the bottom 3 in the EU LCS, and guaranteed them a spot next season. SHC truly has been a roller coaster story. I had the pleasure of chatting with Sascha Ackermann, the CEO of CLG, where I had a chance to get a unique insight into the team. Enjoy!

    On August 14th SHC had an important match vs. Millennium, which would determine your survival in the LCS. Can you tell us how the team prepared for the match and how it felt going into it?
    The team prepared really well for the final battle for the next LCS Season. The team has been nerding really intensively for the match against Millennium consisting out of several scrims against many opponents. We didn’t suspect that we went out with a 3-0. It seemed more easy than we thought, and it definitely was. This win gives us so much more than being qualified for the next LCS Season. It gives us much more planning time for the move to Berlin, Streaming and further actions we are about to do. The victory also really relieves the team, because they are now free to have a huge vacation after so much stress and a hard season.

    How did you celebrate the victory?
    Haha, well it was just Michaiii and I who have been celebrating a bit and it was just for a small moment backstage at GamesCom after the game against Millenium. We both felt more like finally being able to breath. We had a season with many up and downs, good and negative moments.

    SHC has been a story of ups and downs, and for a period was considered one of the weakest EU LCS teams. Now at 5th place, you are in the middle of the pack. What do you think it will take to be on top, and how do you plan to prepare for next season?
    I definitely wouldn’t call it like that. We had a solid summer split season finishing 3rd place compared to our struggles in the spring split. We are improving from day to day. The key for the next season is to improve the communication, the team spirit and gain more experience. We are the youngest LCS team, but we have got some of the greatest talents and the skill to beat any opponent as we have been already shown.

    If you could name one MVP player from SHC for his past season, who would it be and why?
    Mimer, he has been showing constantly a solid and constant performance.

    What do you think your biggest challenge is as a team going into next season?
    I guess there wont be any issues, because we are a great team who is honest and really loyal to each other.

    Recently you replaced "wewillfailer" with "KaSing" as your support. Why did "wewillfailers" retirement occur, and how do you think the replacement changed the team?
    The recruitment isn’t falling under my working tasks. Our managers and the players are deciding about the lineup. I just can say WeWillFailer is a really great and skilled guy and I was really happy to work with him.

    Rather than take a title sponsor and rebrand yourselves, you originally elected to form your own organization. How do you feel this decision has impacted the team for the better or worse?
    The goal was to build our own brand in which the players could bring in their own wishes and cover their needs. We wanted to build a Supa Hot Crew, a new brand who rules in League of Legends.

    Recently you partnered with Team Acer. Is Acer a parent organization or only a partner? How do you feel your recent partnership with Team Acer as effected the team for better or worse?
    Team Acer is our partner, not just a sponsor. Behind team Acer are great guys who have got plenty of years of eSports experience. Team Acer is always a great contact for a second opinion. Team Acer effected the team pretty well, since they also have been bringing more about professionalism in our brand, besides offering us some great monitors, pcs and laptops.

    If you could pick one champion to be your teams mascot, who would it be?
    Zilean. You thought you defeated us? No, we are coming back! ;)

    Anything else you want to mention? Any shoutouts?
    There are so many people who have been helping us during the season and I definitely don’t know where to start. I just want to thank everyone who has been supporting us and of course thanks to our fans who are always behind us. We will announce our merchandise soon!

    Also thanks to my girlfriend for understanding my late and long working times.
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  2. DreaMz

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    Wow Nice Post I Enjoyed Reading this!
  3. zukolo

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    Awesome interview, SHC is my favorite team in the EU LCS. :)

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