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Cleveland eSports - Cleveland Barcraft Finals LIVE from The Side Quest! Sept 27th 10a

Discussion in 'Blog' started by The Gentleman geeK, Sep 7, 2014.

  1. The Gentleman geeK

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    Cleveland eSports
    Kasey Gilder
    9-8-2014 - Cleveland, OH - The LAN finals for the Cleveland Barcraft League (CBL) Season one will be held at The Side Quest in Lakewood, OH on September 27th, 2014 from 10a - 5p Eastern. The top four (4) players from the CBL Season 1 will play live. The playoffs will consist of a Best of 5 followed by a Best of 7 for the Grand Finals to crown the best Starcraft 2 player from Northeast Ohio.

    The finals will be played Live at the bar and live-streamed on Cleveland eSports' official website: . The Side Quest will open their doors to attendance at 10a on the 27th. The games will be shown on the TV system in the venue for all persons in attendance. During which the bar will be open for purchases of beverages.

    About Cleveland eSports
    Cleveland eSports was founded by two local Cleveland guys who have a passion for eSports. After working together in the Cleveland Barcraft, they wanted to take their talents and passion to more than just Starcraft 2. Enter, Cleveland eSports. We are an organization that is dedicated to the eSports scene here in Cleveland, OH. If there is an event, big or small, expect us to have some part in it! We offer: Entertainment hosting services, Administration services, Shoutcasting, Tournaments, and Leagues.

    About The Side Quest
    The Side Quest is going to focus on table top gaming, console gaming, geeky TV shows and craft beers. Trivia, theme nights, lecture series and live television programing will be common events.
    17900 Detroit Rd, Lakewood, OH 44107 -
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  2. ThirtyyThr33

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    That sounds freaking sweet... It's a shame I live no where near Cleveland lol
  3. DreaMz

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    Hmm i used to live in cleveland before i joined the military xD
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