Team 8 Wins in NACS Finals!

On Sunday Team 8 took down Curse Academy in the NACS finals with a 3-1 victory. In the first game, it looked like Team 8 had control of the game, but a few bad fights put Curse Academy back in the game, and they eventually came back to win the game...
08/26/2014 5:30pm

Team 8 - A Story Of Passion And Perseverance - Altgg Feature

I remember having a chat with Slooshi8 about 8 months ago, asking if he knew of anyone who was forming a competitive League of Legends team. We were forming a new community project designed to bring gamers together and help streamers network with...
08/21/2014 1:31am

NA LCS 2014: Summer Playoff Analysis

With the conclusion of the NA LCS summer season we can now look towards the playoffs, and with all of the shuffling that went on in the final weeks some interesting scenarios have opened up regarding how NA's seedings may shake out. Whereas in EU w...
08/5/2014 9:15am

New Staff Members

Congratulations to three new members who have become a part of the staff team. Welcome! These members will be listed as staff on the members page, in their profile info, and will have access to the private staff forum. Staff coordinate on a weekly b...
07/28/2014 10:51pm

LOL S4 Worlds Seeding Predictions: CHINA

CHINA OMG / WE / EDG (Dark Horse: RYL) Oh My God / World Elite / Edward Gaming / StarHorn Royal Club OMG are China's perennial champion as of late. The "forces of darkness" or the "evil empire" as some call them from within China's vast borders. U...
07/26/2014 12:37pm

Destiny: Class Overview (BETA)

DESTINY Its playing the last 10 years. It will launch September 9th this year on ps3, ps4 with exclusive content and will also launch on xbox 360 and xbox one. It will potentially spread to other platforms like PC (please god). Its specifically de...
07/21/2014 8:57am

Early S4 Worlds Hype (Seeding Predictions)

With the World Finals in Seoul not too long off and a lot of competitive scenes I figured I'd try to do some early-ish predictions on who we will be seeing at the event from each region and the International Wild Card qualifier, I was partially insp...
07/19/2014 12:52pm

Wolfenstein: The New Order

Wolfenstein: The New Order has been created as if God himself sent his divine blessing down on MachineGames and Bethesda Softworks. (Developer and Publisher) Although you may be to busy sending Nazi scum to the afterlife in a hail of bullets and w...
07/19/2014 11:20am

TheLoLSoul Poppy Pentakill (Short #23)

Check out TheLoLSoul's Poppy play. If you enjoyed this video, be sure to check out TheLoLSoul's channel and follow his social outlets. Thanks to TheLoLSoul for giving us intro space in this video. Altgg people be sure to show some love! ----------...
07/16/2014 4:58pm

We are looking for staff!

We are accepting staff applications as we prepare for the launch of our ad network. Staff members will... Receive access to the staff forum. Be listed in the staff list, pinned in community discussion (coming soon). Receive the member rank of "Blo...
07/14/2014 10:18pm

League Of Legends - Jarvan IV Kill Compilation (Series Two)

Check out TheLoLSoul's Jarvan play. If you enjoyed this video, be sure to check out TheLoLSoul's channel and follow his social outlets. Thanks to TheLoLSoul for giving us intro space in this video. Altgg people be sure to show some love! ----------...
07/14/2014 12:00am

This video is awesome! Explains esports to anyone

Highly recommend watching, and anyone who questions what we do. show them this....
07/1/2014 10:45pm

Member of the month: VsDreaMz

That's right folks. We're bringing back Member Of The Month (MOTM). The MOTM will be chosen by the following criteria: Post count Recruitment efforts Content contribution This months MOTM goes to VsDreamZ, for his general activity, and effort in...
06/5/2014 10:38pm

[DU] On gaming as a lifestyle - part 1

fNzu6V66Lkg Article Synopsis: What is " The gaming lifestyle" ? What is " Budo" ? Can gamers be budokai? Fragments of my own story Doji's Conclusions Open Discussion Recommended Reads 1. What is the Gaming Lifestyle? Let's start with a motivat...
04/17/2014 11:41am

You guys liked my picks and bans article so much, Riot had me do one for them!

One of the biggest successes I've had in my esports journalism career to date has been the LMQ vs T8 analysis piece I posted here a few weeks back. Its success allowed me to do a similar piece for lolesports complete with inside information from t...
03/25/2014 2:42pm

[LoL] How to win before the game begins

Analysis of Picks and Bans for LMQ vs Team 8 Game 2 This weekend, our beloved Team 8 faced a tough loss in the NACS to LMQ, one of the strongest challenger teams around. Team 8 looked incredible in the first game, running a complete stampede over...
03/11/2014 4:06pm

Team 8 Week 3 Recap

Team 8 Continues To Roll Through The Salt League Game 1--Cloud 9 Tempest vs Team 8 C9T try to tower dive Vladimir early, but Californiatrollz made an impressive play to pick up first blood. With only three available members, C9T were unable to c...
03/7/2014 4:12pm

Signature Contest!

Time to spice up the forum! We'd love to see some nice signatures on your forum profiles. To prove it, we're launching a signature contest with a nice prize for whoever has the best sig. You don't have to design the signature yourself, it just has...
03/4/2014 6:11pm

[Keeper's Korner] Show Premier TONIGHT!

Don't worry, we're working on graphics :) The first thing coming to your mind is, "WTF is Keeper's Korner?". Follow by that "Why did he spell Corner wrong?". I'll answer both of those. Keepers Korner is a brand new show that is entirely about STRI...
-The Gentleman geeK
03/4/2014 1:25pm
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